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Working with Rachel has been a huge help in regaining lost confidence after a disappointing job experience. I appreciated her warm and understanding presence, and respected her ability to hold me accountable for any goals we set. 


During our meetings, she incorporated mindfulness techniques specifically chosen to address the self confidence issues I struggled with. These practices allowed me to visualise a path to a new career and life that I could wake up each day and be excited about - something I had been unable to do before working with Rachel. 


She has been an excellent guide in navigating the complex and challenging feelings that come along pursuing a new career. Through working with her, I have been able to recognize these emotions, address them and find ways to actually control them.  

 - Sydney P. 

-Nico N.


As a recent college grad, I realized more and more that I don't want the typical 9-5 job that most people get. I've always been the type to dance to the beat of my own drum, which lead me to want to pursue entrepreneurship and focus on my painting/art career.


I reached out to Rachel after I felt like I was running into a wall and didn't know how to move forward and take the next steps. Rachel grasped my situation very easily and helped ask me the kind of questions to spark the answers in me. With each session, she provided me extra resources and ideas to practice outside of our sessions.


Working with Rachel has helped me tune out the negative energy and outside noise that has been distracting me and holding me back from working towards what I truly find makes me happy. I am now on the road to growing my art business and exploring all of the other exciting possibilities that the world has to offer! Rachel is very in-tune and honest with clients in a kind and professional way. No matter what phase you're at in your career or life, Rachel can help you in all areas and give you the push to achieve the goals you want!

- Haley M.

- Anna S.


I sought out Rachel’s expertise as I began building my own life coaching practice. She helped me identify my strengths, and encouraged me to lean into them.


From the very beginning Rachel offered me a perspective that allowed me to move forward with my business and launch in a way that felt authentic to me. I am now proud to say I have already started working with clients, and I know this is only the beginning. I can not thank her enough. 

-Jessie P.


Frustrated with my job, stressed about confronting my boss about a pay increase, and completely lost on how to find a new job/ career. 6 weeks ago, I thought to myself, “I’m stuck. I’m stuck at my job, I’m stuck in my career and I don’t even know where to start. I haven’t updated my resume since college, I haven’t written a cover letter in years, and my LinkedIn profile is almost non-existent.”


Through our sessions I was able to uncover lost passions, focus on what makes me happy, and push myself out of my comfort zone. She helped me dig deep into what I felt I needed in a job and what I love about my current one. She taught me that it’s ok to be scared of the future and pursuing what I love and coached me through those fears. 


She taught me not to be hard on myself when I’m stressed out but rather embrace myself and actually coach myself through my stress. A true teacher/coach does that- they inspire you to be your own guide and use that compass to drive yourself through your fears.


Fast forward to today. My outlook is bright. My resume is gorgeous. My LinkedIn is refined. I started a new Instagram account focusing on my side passions of health and fitness. I set up networking appointments with my contacts and connections. I confronted my boss and demanded more money all while knowing that if I don’t get that pay increase, I will land a new job in a heartbeat. I’ve checked off all my boxes and it’s only been about 1 month. I faced what 6 weeks ago I thought was impossible and terrifying.


Rachel has been more than a career coach to me. She really has been an overall life coach as well. I look forward to her inspirational emails every week. I hope no matter how long I get to work with Rachel, that I can always receive those emails because they brighten my week. I highly recommend to all of my friends and coworkers that they embrace a career/life coach because I’d truly be lost without mine.

-Maureen D.


When I started working with Rachel I had some serious mental and emotional blocks that were preventing me from being successful in my business. 

Through coaching, she helped me see my blind spots and understand what my emotions were trying to tell me. 


Rachel met me exactly where I was, and also challenged me to look at things from a different perspective. 

Each session with her helped me peel back another layer of the “old” me that was holding me back. 


As a result of reconnecting with my truth that had been buried for so long, I’ve made huge strides toward the person I want to be and the life I want to live.

- Nicki C


I came to coaching feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of looking for a new direction in my career. I knew that what I was doing was no longer making me happy or letting me grow, but while I knew what I didn't want to do, I was much less clear on what opportunities might be out in the world for me and how I should go about navigating them.


What was so helpful about working with Rachel was that we began the coaching relationship by connecting with my heart and my values, the things that light me up. We took the time to play and explore in that space before moving on to thinking more practically about different industries and types of jobs to look into.


Rachel served as a great barometer for me to gauge when I was going too far in the direction of something that was safe, or that maybe someone else thought was a good idea for me, and encouraged me to come back to the connection with myself before diving into something that I could very well do but wouldn't address the underlying issues I was having with my current role.


It also helped so much to talk through and process the work I had done in between sessions with someone knowledgeable and have them reflect back the progress I had made.


I've come out of the coaching process with a firm idea of what I'm looking for, a spruced up resume, informational interviews on the calendar and a confidence that I know how to move forward from here.

- Laura S.

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